Tom Farrell (Executive Producer)


Tom Farrell has 26 years of television production experience, having spent the past fourteen years in television executive management.

Prior to becoming President of The WorkShop, LLC, Tom was the Chief Operating Officer for Banyan Productions, Inc.  In his role at Banyan Productions, Tom helped oversee 300+ employees and the production of nearly 20 network television series–  many of which were long-running.

Tom’s career as a producer spans the reality and sports programming genres. Tom was the executive producer of TLC’s Trading Spaces and Trading Spaces: Family.  Tom was responsible for budgeting, creating, planning and directing both show’s content and overall look. Tom also served as Executive Producer of a Trading Spaces special that remains the highest rated special in the history of the network with almost 8 million viewers.

Todd Donnelly (Executive Producer)


Todd Donnelly Co Founded Viamedia in 2001 and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. Viamedia is the leading independent video advertising sales organization, representing over sixty markets and over 50 partners in the United States. He also served as the company’s President and CEO.

Mr. Donnelly has expanded his business ventures to include The WorkShop, a full service multimedia production company that develops and produces original content across a range of platforms.

Today, Mr. Donnelly is also involved with a number of local business endeavors and sits on the board of various non-profit agencies throughout the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. Such as United Way of the Lehigh Valley, Center for Vision Loss, and the Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley, to name a few.

Tommy Caamano (Director/Producer)

Tommy 1W1A9650.jpg

Tommy Caamano has been producing for more than 14 years. Tommy was executive producer and creator of the doc series, The Keystone Connection, on Comcast Sportsnet. Tommy also directed documentary Invincible: The True Story based off of past NFL player Vince Papale. 

From 2004 to 2007, Tommy was Creative Director for Comcast Spotlight in Baltimore, MD, where he oversaw the production of advertising and marketing campaigns for many clients. His career started at Silver Cup Studios in New York as a production assistant for HBO series The Sopranos and Sex and the City.


Igor Kropotov (Director of Photography)


New York based Cinematographer, Igor Kropotov has been fascinated by light ever since he was a young man. Born in Siberia, Russia, Igor grew up taking photos in the frozen landscapes of his country.

When his family moved to Belgium he began attending an international school. An Honors graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Igor has pursued his passion for visual storytelling ever since. Adventurer and wanderlust for mountains, Igor readily takes risks technically, physically and artistically.

His modern eye, sense of composition and compassionate approach to filmmaking makes him a great companion to any Director. Igor has worked on documentary films, Television, Commercials and has five features to his credit as a Director of Photography. 

Corbin Johnston (Second Camera)


Denver based Cinematographer, Corbin Johnston has always been intrigued by visual storytelling and its ability to invoke visceral emotions in an audience.  Born in Colorado, Corbin couldn’t help but film his outdoor adventures and share the captivating landscapes with his family and friends. While earning his degree in Electrical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, Corbin found his creative streak was starving and began filming and producing reality television projects on the side. 

His passion for captivating storytelling through video has taken him around the world and landed his work on most major network and cable television outlets.  Corbin currently develops software for an industry leading augmented reality firm while continuing to film as many projects as he can. His diverse technical background, never-quit attitude, and ability to produce stunning aesthetic compositions make him an asset to True North: The Sean Swarner Story